• What is Viber Business Messages?

    Viber Business Messages is a highly expressive and engaging messaging platform that enables enterprises to send rich content such as videos, images, text & rich cards via 1-way and 2-way messaging channels.

    Quick Fact

    Unlike other channels, Viber Business Messages support TTL (Time to Live), i.e. charges for delivered only. Hence, Viber/SMS cascade is optimal for reducing costs and guarantees 100% carriers coverage.

    How does it benefit your business?

    How it works?

    • 1WAY
    • Important notifications
    • QR codes of e-tickets
    • Link for confirmation
    • Verification codes
    • 2WAY
    • Feedback request
    • online support
    • Lead generation
    • Interactive communication
    • Step 1: Send the message to Viber end-user first, charged for delivered only
    • Step 2: Receive Delivery Report: if not delivered via Viber, send as SMS
    • Step 3: Deliver the final message status to Customer

    The Route Mobile Edge

    Ultra-fast delivery

    Ultra-fast delivery

    Businesses can use native 2-WAY Sender IDs for interaction and receiving feedback from the users the same way as using long-code SMS A2P
    Verified sender sign

    Verified sender sign

    Business chat is highlighted by the green mark “V” (Verified) next to the Sender ID in dialogues list
    Branded Sender Name

    Branded Sender Name

    Company name and logo icon are visually recognizable in the conversations list
    2-WAY dialogues available

    2-WAY dialogues available

    Instant DLR message statuses: accepted/rejected, delivered, seen by the user
    Extremely long message

    Extremely long message

    Message text contains up to 1000 characters and it does not depend on the language
    Extended messaging functionality

    Extended messaging functionality

    Emojis, special symbols, images, buttons, extended statuses are optionally available
    Real-time status

    Real-time status

    Send and receive messages in less than 3 seconds

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